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refining precious metal scrap

Metals, especially precious metals, are scarce and will be depleted one day. In order to make substantial contribution to the environment, COBB and Lee takes a proactive role in turning the precious metal scraps into different sorts of valuable metals with the aim to reserve more metal resources in the world.

COBB and Lee has expertise and extensive experience in refining precious metal scrap. Over the years, COBB and Lee has collected jewelry scraps such as defective products, polishing powder and used crucibles for subsequent refining process. Not only we sort metals from the scrap but we also purify the metals to the fineness of 99.9% which is an international standard recognized in Hong Kong and around the world.

An array of refining services are made available for our valued customers. The state of the art technology in our factories comprises several major processes, namely shredding/sorting processes and refining processes. The shredding and sorting processes produce a mixture of secondary raw materials whilst the refining processes, which include different electrochemical methods and hydrochemical methods, produce finished products as well as pure metals.

As for the determination of the true values of the precious metal scraps, our production department and metal analysis centre work together to provide impartial results for our customers through sampling correctly, analyzing scientifically and reporting accurately.

We can deliver one-stop and flexible precious metals recycling program for our customers to refine the precious metals scrap in return for precious metals or money. Our customers can either settle the scrap with an agreeable payment for both parties or with refinery results based on the refining terms.