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About Us


Since 1877, W.R. COBB has been one of the America’s leading manufacturers of jewelry findings, precious metals and master alloys for the jewelry industry internationally. With over 130 years of experience in developing innovative technology and producing fine precious metal products, W.R. COBB has branches that cover major cities of the world. Throughout the decades, W.R. COBB has improved and redefined a wide range of critical jewelry products. Different from traditional products that have the problems of oxidation and color faintness, W.R. COBB successfully developed Precise White Gold in 2004 and Precious White Silver in 2010.

W.R. COBB acquired B.A. Ballou, which is one of the leaders of manufacturing high-quality jewelry findings in the world, to create a powerful global jewelry findings manufacturer in 2009.

In 2011, W.R. COBB was proud to establish a joint venture company, COBB and Lee Metals Trading Company Limited, in Hong Kong in response to the burgeoning demand from markets of China and South East Asia.

In order to cooperate and interact closely with the jewelry industry, COBB and Lee joined the following professional bodies,
i. Hong Kong Jewellery & Jade Manufacturers Association
ii. Guangzhou Panyu Jewelry Manufacturers Association

COBB and Lee
Jewelry Findings

Our Products and Services

Jewelry Findings and Master Alloy
Since 2011, COBB and Lee Metals Trading Company Limited has started providing different kinds of jewelry findings, precious metal alloys as well as master alloys for the jewelry industry of China and South East Asia. In 2018, COBB and Lee officially launches new series of gold master alloys, sterling silver, silver master alloys, coloured silver and brass/bronze alloys to meet the demand of the jewelry market. And now, a wide spectrum of products are made available to suit your specific need.

i. Jewelry findings
ii. Precious metal alloys/master alloys
– Master Alloy for white gold
– Master Alloy for white gold (nickel free)
– Master alloy for yellow gold
– Master alloy for red gold
– Sterling silver and silver master alloys
– Coloured silver
– Brass/bronze alloys

Apart from provision of jewelry findings and master alloys, COBB and Lee Metals Trading Company Limited sells 99.99% pure gold and 99.999% pure silver. Meanwhile, COBB and Lee can produce silver and gold alloys upon our clients’ requests.

Refining Service
COBB and Lee Metals Trading Company Limited can provide one-stop recycling service of precious metal scrap by turning the metal scrap into different valuable precious metals.

We are committed to providing professional and technical support/service to our valued customers and producing high quality products that suit your need. Customers are welcome to express your concerns in any technical aspects and we are always ready to listen and produce the highest quality products to suit your need.