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COBB and Lee Metals Trading Company Limited, with our global footprints in China, Vietnam, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Philippine, is one of the renowned international suppliers of jewelry findings, precious metal alloys and master alloys for jewelry application in the world. A variety of products, which include W.R. COBB / BALLOU jewelry findings, gold master alloys (e.g. master alloys for white gold, mater alloys for yellow gold, master alloys for red gold), 925 sterling silver, silver master alloys, coloured silver, brass alloys and bronze alloys, are available in COBB and Lee to meet our customers’ demand.

With our major customers distributed over the major cities of China, like Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Tianjin, Panyu, COBB and Lee Metals Trading Company Limited has been devoting to serving the jewelry industry since 2011 by providing superior-quality findings as well as master alloys for our customers from around the world especially China and South East Asia.

COBB and Lee Metals Trading Company Limited provides the following products and service for the jewelry industry,

With our customer-oriented service and great variety of jewelry findings and master alloys, we hope to build a mutual trust and develop a trustworthy partnership with our customers in the long run.

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